G20 Summit

In just 10 weeks, Christie developed and devised a configuration for the installation of 6 Christie Roadster 3-chip DLP® projectors and 65 Christie® MicroTiles™ for the Experience Canada Pavilion.
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Event lighting

Lighting effects can transform events from standard to exceptional.

Lighting is one of the most important elements to set the atmosphere of your event. Event lighting can transform a lackluster venue into a magical wonderland.  

What can event lighting offer? 

  • Cost-effective transformation – lighting can change the look and feel of any event.
  • Flexible design – static or moving, focal or ambient – different lighting creates unique effects.

Christie event lighting solutions

With Christie® solutions you can project bright, high-quality video and lighting effects onto almost any surface, or create ambient lighting with unprecedented brightness and color fidelity. 

Christie MicroTiles

  • Christie MicroTiles® are built on proven DLP® technology and are specifically designed for maximum image quality in demanding indoor, high-ambient light environments.
  • The  modular design makes it easy to create visual displays in almost any size, shape or orientation.

Taking the next step

Christie blending and warping solutions are available through a worldwide network of authorized dealers and partners. Contact us or your nearest dealer today to get started.