Christie Japan Lights up Tokyo Sky Tree East Tower

27 Christie Roadie HD+35K projectors, the world’s brightest and best DLP® projectors, were used to project images created by NHK onto a 4,500 square-meter area on the East Tower, over a distance of up to 130 meters.
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Projector Stacking

Sometimes more is more! Christie projectors really stack up – and dazzle audiences.

​​​​​​​Using a stacked array of projectors produces big benefits and peace of mind. High-profile visual displays amaze with the power and brightness of multiple projectors. For reliability, nothing beats the redundancy of a stacked projector array combined with​ our software solutions:

  • Christie Twist​
    Twist gives you software options for warping and blending on any Christie 3DLP projector and most Christie HS Series 1DLP projectors.​​
  • Christie Mystique
    Software tools for automated, accurate and efficient camera-based alignment, warping and blending. Working in conjunction with Christie Twist, Mystique automatically aligns, stacks and blends multi-projection systems in minutes with unsurpassed accuracy.​
  • Christie Guardian​
    A powerful optional feature of Mysti​que​,Guardian​​ monitors a blended projection system for any misalignment, automatically calibrating the image in real time, quickly, invisibly, and without interruption, even when content is playing. Guardian is exclusively available on Christie D4K40-RGB, Boxer 4K30, Boxer 4K20, ​Crimson Series, Mirage 304K, Mirage HD25, Mirage WU25 and Mirage SST​ projectors.

What does projector stacking offer?

  • Higher brightness for larger displays – thanks to the additive power of multiple projectors.
  • Absolute reliability – you have the security of a backup projector.

Christie’s projector stacking solutions

Stacking and rigging frames make stacking multiple projectors quick and easy. Christie has a full suite of stacking/rigging solutions for our 3DLP projectors.

  • Stacking kit: Christie’s stacking kit is a lightweight sturdy frame that enables you to stack up to three Xenon 3DLP projectors in your display setup. Customers who already own stacking kits and hardware made for Christie’s legacy Xenon 3DLP platform can use their equipment with Christie J Series models.
  • Stacking frame: Christie M Series Roadster models were designed with stagers in mind. Each of these Roadster models ships with a stacking frame. This stacking frame is also available as an accessory for other M Series models.
  • Rigging frame: This rigging frame is used to safely secure projectors for rigging or flying in a suspended installation, and for stacking two projectors together. The frame is built for the Roadie HD+35K.
  • Hybrid stack: The stacking kit connects to the integral rigging points on any (Xenon) Christie Roadster model, creating a hybrid stack with a model that uses a 1.0kW or 1.2kW Xenon lamp.

Taking the next step

Christie stacking solutions are available through a worldwide network of authorized dealers and partners. Contact us or your nearest dealer today to get started.