Wireless projector control

Producing your live events is now easier, with projector management at your fingertips  literally.

Control Christie J Series and M Series projectors from your iOS or Android-enabled device.

Wireless projector control

Christie® wireless projector control brings projection management to your fingertips – literally – with wireless projector control applications for iOS and Android-based mobile digital devices.

A presentation or event is about to start, but you realize that the remote control is missing or wasn’t packed. Or maybe the projector is rigged so high that it’s out of range for a standard IR remote. What do you do?

Most of us use either the iOS or Android platform devices. Now you have the opportunity to use your mobile device to control your projector.

The Christie iOS and Android based apps allow you to use a smartphone or tablet to control your projectors. These applications follow the standard iOS and Android navigation and user interfaces so they’re familiar and easy to use.

What does wireless projector control offer?

  • Single or multiple projector control from your mobile device
  • Projection management over Wi-Fi®

Christie wireless projector control

Christie InControl
Control Christie projectors directly from your iPhone, iPad and iPod

Christie Virtual Remote
Manage Christie projectors using your Android-based mobile device

Taking the next step

Download Christie InControl or Christie Virtual Remote and enjoy projection control at your fingertips.​

Christie InControl
Downlaod Christie InControl on the App Store

Christie Virtual Remote
Download Christie Virtual Remote on Google Play