Christie Completes The Installation of Projectors in The Great Hall of People

Posted 2/5/2013

Christie®, a global leader in visual display technologies, announced that it has completed the installation of four Christie Roadster S+20K DLP® projectors in the National People’s Congress (NPC) meeting room in the Great Hall of People, where the most important policies affecting billions of people in China are made.

Following the newly installed screens on the two walls lining the NPC meeting room, the projectors complete the multi-functionality of the room to fulfill its stringent requirement for video projection.

The NPC meeting room takes on a circular layout with a seating area 40 meters long and 10 meters high for the audience. Apart from the main meeting room, it is also linked to seating areas for observers and media as well as two rooms for video projection and audio broadcast respectively. With a total floor area of 1700 square meters, the meeting room also comes with various modern meeting facilities such as centralized reporting, simultaneous interpretation and video tracking to meet the specific demand of the meeting.

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