Christie relives the history of Yungang Grottoes

Posted 10/29/2012

Christie®, through its partner, Wincomn Technology, is opening the eyes of visitors to the construction and cultural significance of the 1600-year-old UNESCO heritage site of Yungang Grottoes.

Located at the southern side of Wuzhou Mountain in Shanxi Province, the Yungang Grottoes contain a family of 45 cave systems that house more than 1,100 small shrines and over 51,000 statues of myriad shapes and sizes. It is one of the biggest and most important grottoes in China. The Yungang Northern Wei Cultural Museum was recently completed and housed at the 20th Buddha cave.

Two projection walls measuring 70-meters long by 4.5-meter high greet visitors on both sides of the long aisle as they enter the Museum’s display hall where the documentary is shown using 24 Christie DS+10K-M 3-chip DLP® projectors. The Christie DS+10K-M, at 11,550 center lumens (dual lamps, 350W), offers high efficiency and low cost of ownership with Embedded Christie Twist™ image warping and edge-blending.

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