Six Christie projectors reach end of production

Christie DS+305, Christie DS+305W, Christie HD405, Christie DS+405, Christie DS+655, and Christie LX380
Posted 6/3/2009

Christie will continue to support these products for five years from the date of this document.

Two new 1-chip DLP® projectors coming soon!
Christie DHD700 (103-022105) and Christie DS+750 (103-023106)

Coming soon! New to Christie’s single-chip DLP® projector lineup are the feature-rich Christie DHD700 (1920x1080 full HD) and Christie DS+750 (SXGA+ 1400x1050).

An exciting new alternative to the Christie LX380!
Christie LX400, (121-003104), this 3LCD projector is built to offer Pro AV functionality and presentation power at an economical price.