Support notification for discontinued products

Posted 1/20/2010

Effective January 20, 2010 the products listed below will no longer be supported by Christie.

Product model Part#
Christie Vivid White 38-VIV401-01
Christie Vista S3 & S5 38-DMD014 & 23
Christie Vista S4 & S6 38-DMD024 & 25
Christie Vista X3 & X5 38-DMD021 & 22
Christie Vista X4 & X6 38-DMD010 & 13
Christie Roadster X9 & S9 38-DMD027 & 26

Don’t miss this opportunity to buy spare parts at clearance prices!

Spare parts for these discontinued models are available at clearance prices until February 17, 2010, after which time availability can no longer be guaranteed.

Christie currently has inventory of the lamps for these models, but availability over time cannot be guaranteed.