Adlabs Imagica Empowers Experience Beyond Imagination For Indian Theme Park Visitors With 40 Christie Projectors

Posted 5/30/2013

Adlabs Imagica, the largest entertainment theme park in India, will empower experience beyond imagination for Indian visitors using 40 Christie® projectors, to present multiple animation and live-action films. Six of its top attractions leverage Christie technology exclusively to project razor-sharp images with ultra high brightness and detailed resolution to amplify the theme park experience.

In the “Prince of the Dark Water” attraction, a Christie DHD670-E and six Christie WU12K-M projectors enable visitors on a virtual dive to discover the ocean with larger-than-life mermaids swimming in a 360-degree dome film on a 3100-square-feet screen.

"The Curse of Salimgarh” utilizes a Christie DHD800 and seven Christie DWU675-E projectors to turn a haunted fort named after a Mughal-era fort in Delhi under the rule of Emperor Aurangzeb into a horror ride of macabre rooms filled with eerie creatures.

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