Christie Creates a Lifestyle Trend Integrating The Past, Present And Future of Shanghai For WH Ming Hotel

Posted 1/14/2013

Christie®, a global leader in visual display solutions, and its valued partner, Wincomn Technology, are creating a lifestyle trend for the Shanghainese at the WH Ming Hotel under its Mira Dining Space project.

 The project uses 16 Christie projectors and unique acoustic-optic effects to build a creative art space reflecting the past, present and future of Shanghai.

WH Ming Hotel is a five-star hotel brand of Xiao Nan Guo Group, a world-renowned leader of exquisite food and fashion lifestyle. Mira Dining Space, located on the fifth floor of WH Ming Hotel, is a creative art space co-designed by Sherwood Hu, a famous film director, and Huimin Wang, the hotel founder. Drawing inspiration from the Shanghai Pavilion’s theme video featuring the history and future of the Shanghai transportation system, the Mira Dining Space tells a Shanghai story through various styles of cuisine in different eras.    

To learn more, read the full press release.