SGI Japan Installs Five-Screen Virtual Reality System at Komatsu, Oyama

Real-Time 3D simulations streamline construction equipment design and development
Posted 7/31/2015

SGI Japan, Ltd. part of SGI (NASDAQ:SGI), a global leader in high-performance solutions for compute, data analytics and data management, announced the installation of an SGI® virtual reality (VR) system at the Komatsu, Ltd., Oyama plant at Tochigi, Japan. The system is expected to streamline the design and development of construction equipment and support testing for machine operators and service engineers with realistic simulations.

The new VR system provides a stereoscopically-projected, interactive life-sized, immersive image of a construction machine's cockpit on five screens - the front, back, left, right and ceiling - with the operator sitting inside. The system helps equipment designers collect information on things like verifying upward visibility from a forklift cabin and viewing 3D CAD updates in real-time. Service engineers can practice virtual inspections and service work for parts such as pumps and engines. With a focus on operability, visibility and safety, the simulations are expected to improve vehicle development and increase the effective evaluation of serviceability and minor repairs. Additional staff can observe the operator's performance from remote monitors to increase accuracy and safety.

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