Image Quality

Christie produces the highest quality images in the industry.

Texas Instruments’ DLP® chips are built with millions of tiny mirrors that are spaced less than one micron apart. They produce razor-sharp images with incredible color and brightness. Capable of extremely high contrast ratios, DLP chips provide crisper whites, ultra-rich blacks and images that “pop” on-screen. A 1DLP® projection system can create up to 16.7 million colors and up to 1,024 shades of gray. Christie® 3DLP® projectors are capable of producing more than 35 trillion colors.


Christie’s 1DLP projectors, including our laser phosphor platform, feature BrilliantColor multi-primary image processing technology from Texas Instruments. BrilliantColor produces an expanded on-screen color spectrum that delivers enhanced color saturation for bright, true-to-life images. DLP systems utilize up to six-color processing to enhance the range of available colors onscreen, giving the viewer a truly lifelike image.

3DLP projectors

3DLP projectors from Christie offer a new benchmark for reliability, versatility and low cost of ownership in the high-end Pro AV projector class. Delivering the broadest range of brightness and resolution choices, our high-efficiency 3DLP projectors are capable of producing more than 35 trillion colors to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated Pro AV applications.

1DLP projectors

Providing 24/7 reliability, high-brightness, and excellent color and brightness uniformity, the value of 1DLP technology lies in its ability to provide exceptional image quality and consistency at an affordable price point. Christie’s 1DLP projectors deliver high contrast and excellent fill ratio, plus they maintain image quality throughout their lifetime.

LCD projection

Christie's LCD projectors use 10-bit image processing to provide smoother transitions between discrete colors and more accurately represent the colors we experience in day-to-day life. Capable of reproducing over 1 billion colors – 64 times the quantity reproduced by an ordinary 8-bit LCD panel – the 10-bit processor provides a more realistic video image. With our newest Christie D Series 3LCD projectors, you can also independently control hue, luminance and saturation by color for clear and sharp projected content. This level of real-time finite image manipulation will help you improve how your presentations, data and images appear on-screen.

Range of aspect ratios

Christie offers a variety of projectors that support 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios for any application. We can help you carefully match the pixel format of the projector with that of the sources to be displayed, ensuring the best image quality and maximum impact. We also offer a range of brightness and resolution options to match your application requirements.

Spectacular image quality

You can be confident that when you select a Christie display system, you’re selecting the best. Christie utilizes the latest technology to ensure your audience is engaged by the highest quality image possible. Offering high brightness, efficient processing, high resolution, and broad color spectrum for your application, Christie display solutions produce amazing results. Display brilliant performances, presentations, simulations and more. From the smallest boardroom to the most complicated live event, Christie projectors have your needs covered with spectacular image quality.


4DColor Technology

Christie's 4DColor technology, is the latest innovation in LCD technology, offering a new level of real-color performance that doesn’t compromise projection brightness.

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