Defense Acquisition University

DAU is a best-in-class corporate university for the Defense Acquisition Workforce. The university provides formal courses and continuous learning modules for acquisition professionals. They enhance the learning process by providing instructors a means to illustrate and support their lessons visually, which might not be possible with other, more traditional presentation methods.
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The Christie Advantage

Over the past eight decades, Christie has established a reputation for delivering superior, dependable visual display solutions and providing unprecedented levels of customer service and support. Throughout our history, we’ve learned a lot; mostly, how important it is to listen and provide our customers with the most reliable, innovative and affordable solutions possible. From our award-winning history in film projection to our leadership position in digital cinema and large audience displays, we celebrate innovation.

Christie's industry firsts

  • First projection manufacturer to receive two Academy Awards for Scientific and Technical Achievement for cinema projectors.
  • First licensee of DLP Cinema® technology, the first Digital Cinema technology to be adapted by the Hollywood community.
  • First to market with a networked on-screen advertising solution to help support and grow exhibitors' businesses.
  • First licensee of Texas Instruments Series 2 DLP® Cinema technology.
  • First to offer specialized digital projection products for Virtual Reality, simulation and control rooms.
  • First digital 3D 3DLP projectors - The Christie Mirage Series
  • First to provide a fully scalable modular display solution with the introduction of Christie® MicroTiles. MicroTiles use the strengths of both DLP projection and Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology to offer substantially brighter images and a vast color palette.
  • First to develop a virtually maintenance-free simulation system that provides simultaneous and independent control over both the visible and near-infrared spectrum using LED illumination.
  • First to offer a solid-state, LED, ultra-high resolution DLP rear screen projection system with a zero maintenance design, Christie Entero.
  • First motion platform ready DLP projectors - The Christie Matrix Series.
  • Manufactured the first HD 3D projector.
  • Installation on G4 tech tv set
  • And many more...

Engineering and innovation

Our strong focus on engineering ensures that Christie is constantly developing new projectors and innovative technologies that help our customers reach their objectives. Our engineers are hired and trained to be the best. They pack the best performance into the most compact, most reliable, fastest projectors, andf they are challenged with being environmentally responsible and cost-efficient.

Christie is committed to environmentally friendly solutions that follow Restriction of Hazardous Substances regulations, include 100% recyclable shipping materials, and reduce overall power consumption whenever possible. Our digital cinema projectors now include a standby mode that reduces power consumption when the unit is not in operation. The Christie CP2220 digital cinema projector gets more light output using a 3kW lamp than competing products that require larger, more expensive 4kW lamps. Innovations such as these reduce environmental impact, and give our customers major cost savings due to reduced lamp and electricity requirements. In several cost-of-operation comparison studies, Christie projectors were found to have the lowest cost of operation over ten years - in some cases almost half of the cost of the next competitor, and tens or hundreds – of thousands of dollars less than the competitor with the highest operating cost.

Industry-leading manufacturing

International Center for Advanced Manufacturing: Kitchener, Canada.
The manufacturing facility in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada is the worldwide center for advanced manufacturing of all Christie digital DLP projectors. With more than 200,000 square feet of production floor space and more than 600 employees, this certified ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 facility houses top-of-the-line technology, equipment and employees. The manufacturing process is based on the Kaizen Lean Manufacturing philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement processes, and the 5S methodology.

Asia Manufacturing Center: Shenzhen, China
This 85,000 square feet of space, the Shenzhen represents a dramatic and successful increase in demand for Christie projectors. This facility has been operational since late spring of 2010, assembling and shipping Christie CP2220 DLP Cinema® projectors.

The staff at this production facility are among the best trained in the world, using the same manufacturing principles and processes that have earned Christie's digital projectors numerous industry awards and the unwavering trust of the exhibition community.

Shenzhen is one of China's top industrial centers and a technology hub. Our facility is strategically located to benefit from its proximity to Hong Kong, whose ports are among the largest in the world. Projectors can be deployed quickly throughout the Asia-Pacific markets, as well as around the world.

Rigorous Manufacturing Processes
Christie's manufacturing processes are based on the Kaizen Lean Manufacturing philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement processes, and the 5S methodology.

The 5S’s of Kaizen manufacturing are:

  • Seiton – Orderliness
  • Seiri – Tidiness
  • Seiso – Cleanliness
  • Shitsuke – Discipline
  • Seiketsu – Standardized cleanup


Christie is best known for our industry-leading warranties and service. The entire line of Christie 3DLP projectors is backed by a standard three-year warranty program. The warranty for the industry-acclaimed CDXL high-performance Xenon lamps, used in digital cinema projectors, provides a 100 percent credit of the purchase price for the full 2,400 hours of operation. Our repair center offers fast turnaround time and low cost out-of-warranty repair services for LCD or DLP products. We also provide maintenance services to extend the life of your projector.

Global network

With offices on every major continent, we provide a customer-centric approach to business. We've installed more than 100,000 Christie projection solutions worldwide. Our global dealer network of Christie-trained professionals are ready to help you find the right projection solution based on your specific challenges and requirements.