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Unlock the potential of the DCI digital cinema audio format with Christie® Vive Audio and extend the boundaries of movie exhibition by matching the awe-inspiring visuals Christie is known for, with rich, dynamic, detailed cinema audio.

Christie Vive Audio is a complete audio solution capable of bringing an immersive cinema audio to any theater auditorium. Combining the superior audio qualities of ribbon driver technology with the proven high quality performance of a line array loudspeaker design – matched with powerful Class D amplification – Christie Vive Audio is the complete solution for the accurate reproduction of today’s immersive cinema audio formats.

Learn more about digital cinema audio in this white paper.

Supports all formats

Christie Vive Audio’s expansive line of cinema-specific audio technologies are designed to support any of the leading cinema
audio formats including: Dolby Atmos, 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound
and Auro 11.1.

supported formats


A solution for any cinema space

With Christie Vive Audio, specifying a solution for auditoriums of any size is easily accomplished. From post production studios and screening rooms to traditional auditoriums and premium large formats, Christie Vive Audio can be configured to provide the optimal audio solution for any cinema space.

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technical brief

Learn more about digital cinema audio in this white paper.

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column speakers
Screen channel speakers

Christie Vive Audio loudspeakers

Screen channel loudspeakers

Designed for cinema, Christie Vive Audio screen channel loudspeakers are the perfect choice for engaging and impactful cinema audio. Using our exclusive ribbon driver line array design, Christie screen channel loudspeakers provide enhanced clarity and coverage, improved dynamic range and ultra-low distortion for the accurate reproduction of the original source material.

Learn more about Christie ribbon drivers in this technical brief.

Christie LA series loudspeakers can be combined with Christie subwoofers to create a 3-way, bi-amplified, full range loudspeaker/sub system, ideal as a screen channel.

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Christie Vive Audio subwoofers employ high-performance components with an advanced design to deliver extremely deep bass output with minimal distortion. Offering the option of being bracketed together, our subwoofers can be combined with our screen channel loudspeakers to create the ultimate full-range audio system.

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Christie LS3S Speaker

Surround loudspeakers

Employing the same ribbon driver technology present in our screen channel loudspeakers, Christie’s line source surround loudspeakers feature a unique integrated waveguide design to provide enhanced clarity and reduced distortion. In addition, the inclusion of the ribbon driver provides ultra-fast transient response. Our line array surround loudspeakers offer the same benefits while also providing perfect timbre matching and extremely uniform coverage for seamless listening experience throughout the auditorium.

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Christie CDA amplifiers

Ideal for cinema applications, the Christie CDA line of professional amplifiers offer a range of power options to meet a variety of uses. Utilizing an advanced high-speed Class D architecture, Christie CDA amplifiers offer high power output and efficiency and are designed for long-term, continuous operation.

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Christie CDA5 amplifier

Christie audio/video processing

Christie IMB-S2

As an additional component of the Christie Vive Audio solution, the Christie IMB-S2 is a DCI compliant, fully-integrated media block that works seamlessly with your Christie digital cinema projector to manage cinematic content efficiently and easily.

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Christie IMB
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A complete solution

Learn more about what makes Christie Vive Audio the best solution for your theater.

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For any size theater

By installing the Christie Vive Audio solution, exhibitors are able to showcase movies just how the filmmaker intended. With Christie Vive Audio, the technological platform for immersive cinema audio is now easily attainable for every movie exhibitor.

With a reputation based on innovation, quality and customer service, Christie is an industry leader and trusted provider of a variety of digital cinema solutions. We can work with you to map out an audio solution specifically for the needs of your auditorium. Through expert advice from Christie, or working alongside our extensive network of partners, determining the Christie Vive Audio solution that best meets your needs is easy and efficient.

Designed as a complete solution, each component of Christie Vive Audio has been specifically engineered to complement each other. By combining the superior performance capabilities of each piece into one, integrated cinema audio solution, Christie Vive Audio brings the next generation of cinema audio to any auditorium.

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Krikorian Premiere Theater "Audio is the next logical step and we now have the technology to do it. I think its going to change things in the theater industry in trying to differentiate ourselves from the competitors."

Todd Cummings

Vice President of Operations, Krikorian Premiere Theaters

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Christie Vive Audio

Location, location, location

Find out where Christie Vive Audio has been installed.

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Learning center

Cinema audio literature

Technology brief - Ribbon Driver technology

Technology brief:
Ribbon driver technology

White Paper - Cinema Audio: How new technologies are helping realize DCI audio specifications

White Paper:
Cinema Audio: How new technologies are helping realize DCI audio specifications

Instruction sheets

Gain control instruction sheet

Christie amplifers

Case studies

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Case study: Krikorian Premiere Theaters

Southern Theaters

Case study: Krikorian Premiere Theaters

New Farm Cinemas

Case study: SM Cinema

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Case study: Kino Seehof

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Speakers video

Christie Vive Audio
product video

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Introduction video

Christie Vive Audio trailer

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Case study video

Southern Theaters, L.L.C. outfits The Grand Theater with Christie’s complete cinema solution

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Sound In Full Color

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Kino Arena explains their investment in luxury cinema

Kino Arena explains their investment in luxury cinema

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Christie University offers free eLearning courses that are available 24/7. Courses are offered in English, French, Chinese and Latin American Spanish.

Audio Fundamentals Part 1

  1. Explain what audio is
  2. Describe acoustic sound waves as well as rarefaction and compression
  3. Define frequency, amplitude and dB
  4. Compare and contrast analog and digital audio

Audio Fundamentals Part 2

  1. Explain sound wave propagation
  2. Explain decibel and decibel in reference to voltage and power level

Audio Fundamentals Part 3

  1. Articulate current in-market solutions
  2. Define Christie Vive Audio
  3. Describe the technology behind Christie Vive Audio

eLearning courses are available to all Christie customers and partners. Register now for Christie University or login here.

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Christie Vive Audio

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