Harry Potter premiere

Christie DLP Cinema® projectors dramatically enhance the effect of extreme movie theater display and immerse your audience’s senses. Christie helped set the world record for largest 3D projection.
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Digital cinema solutions for international premieres

International film festivals and movie debuts count on Christie.

When you premiere a blockbuster movie or international film festival feature, the world watches. Hollywood studios and internationally-acclaimed movie directors count on you and Christie® to display their creations flawlessly.

Why work with the world leader in digital cinema technology?

  • Delight your audiences – by showing them the brightest, highest quality image possible.
  • Flawless execution – Christie’s support team will make sure the show goes on!
  • Reliability – our products are built to last and are backed by industry-leading warranties and round-the-clock support service.
  • Be known as the best – movie-industry leaders choose Christie for superior image quality and award-winning engineering.

Dazzle your global audiences with Christie digital cinema solutions

From onscreen digital cinema projection to on-set, promotional, digital signage, Christie provides world-class digital display solutions that sizzle. Collaborate with Christie and our certified partners and raise the bar on premiere and film festival display innovation.

DLP® digital cinema projection

  • Christie Solaria® Series digital cinema projectors are ideal for high-performance exhibition. Debut your features exactly as the director intended using a wide range of movie formats including, 2D and 3D projection, 2K and 4K resolution, and High Frame Rates (HFR).
  • Christie Duo delivers super bright large screen images at a fraction of the cost of current industry solutions. The result is unmatched brightness, sharpness and superior 2D and 3D images.
  • Christie’s Integrated Media Block (IMB-S2) provides the most reliable projection system architecture while delivering feature film content to the projector. Upgrade the Christie IMB-S2 at anytime to accommodate HFR and 4K content.
  • Christie Digital Xenolite lamps (CDXLs) deliver high performance. These long-lasting lamps have a low total cost of operation and produce bright, high-image-quality displays.

Theater management

Support services

  • Christie can help get your cinema projector or lobby entertainment network designed, built, and deployed quickly and easily. Then we’ll be there to support your system and ensure you have what you need when you need it. We will remotely monitor and maintain your digital cinema systems to keep them running smoothly. Ask us about our Christie Managed Services solution offerings to assist in your next cinema project.

Christie products are backed by industry-leading warranties and technical support.

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See how these Hollywood premieres and international film festivals relied on Christie for their worldwide movie debuts: