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Optimize your digital cinema system with the right Christie Solaria Series projector and Xenolite lamp combination.
CDXL Digital Cinema Lamp

Christie CDXL high-performance lamps

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Projector lamps for digital cinema

Designed to d​eliver

Christie® Xenolite lamps are designed for our digital cinema projectors, which set new levels of performance for digital cinema technology. Choices in brightness and power levels offer you flexibility for a variety of screen sizes. With a range of lamp size​s that provide greater light output and longevity, Christie continues to meet t​he rigorous lamp requirements of exhibitors around the world.

For use with all Christie digital cinema projectors used in the following applications:

  • Cinema/exhibition
  • Post-production
  • On-screen advertising
  • Digital film mastering
  • Multi-​media​​ theatrical productions
  • Other large entertainment venues

Christie projection and lamp pairing guide​

The chart below will help you select the Christie® Xenolite® lamp that will work best with your Christie cinema projection solution. You can also use our cinema configurator tool to determine the ideal projection, lamp and lens combination based on a theater’s specifications.

Projector​Screen sizeDescriptionChristie Xenolite lamp options
Christie CP2308​​
Up to 35 feetDesigned for seamless use with Christie CP2308 projectors, Christie Xenolite lamps provide high output and brightness in a cost-efficient, high-performance package. CDXL-14M
Christie CP2215
Up to 50 feetHigh-performance Christie Xenolite lamps are the best option for illuminating your Christie ​CP2215 digital cinema projectors and are designed to deliver mission-critical reliability. CDXL-14M
Christie CP2220

Christie CP4220
Up to 70 feetConsistent quality, 99.999% proven uptime, longer lamp life and lower operating costs make Christie Xenolite lamps and Solaria Series projectors a winning combination. CDXL-20LB
Christie CP2230

Christie CP4230
Up to 100 feetChristie Xenolite lamps can produce remarkable brightness and color consistency with excellent resistance to flicker, ignition difficulty and explosion. With this superior performance comes great return on investment. CDXL-20LB

Taking the next step

Christie Xenolite lamps and digital cinema solutions are available through a network of authorized dealers. Contact us and we’ll connect you with the appropriate Christie reseller in your area.​

“ Christie lamps have proven themselves in four critical areas: reliability, longer lamp life, energy savings and bottom line, giving us the lowest operating costs. Our technical teams find the combination of Christie lamps and Christie digital projectors to be a forceful duo that delivers exceptional, high performance in our theaters.”

Gary Watson, Planning and Logistics
Hoyt’s Cinema Technology Group, Sydney, Australia​

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