Complete the experience.

Christie Vive Audio subwoofers deliver extremely deep bass output with minimal distortion for the accurate reproduction of the original source material.

The ultimate cinema subwoofer

Part Number: S115, S215, S118LP, S218LP

Powerful. Accurate. Versatile.

Christie subwoofers employ high-performance driver components and feature an advanced cabinet design which is heavily cross-braced and tuned with EBS (Extended Bass Shelf). This allows Christie subwoofers to deliver powerful, deep bass with minimal distortion and power compression for extremely high output levels and extended low frequency response. Matching the high-performance capabities of the rest of the Christie Vive Audio solution, these cinema subwoofers produce the deep and impactful bass throughout the entire auditorium.

Christie subwoofers:

Max SPL (continuous /​ peak)
Bass management
125dB SPL / 137dB SPL
131dB SPL / 143dB SPL
Low-freq​uency effects
127.5dB SPL / 139.5dB SPL
133.5dB SPL / 145.5dB SPL


  • High cubic displacement cabinet, heavily cross-braced, vented and tuned
  • Each driver has a discre​te, vented internal enclosure, for optimal performance
  • Extra large vent area with rounded edges for minimal air turbulence noise
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