Showing the way for alternative content

Let Christie show you how to explore the possibilities of alternative content in your cinema.

Christie’s digital cinema solutions for alternative content will deliver exciting opportunities to you. You’ll get the best image quality available for feature films and 3D and alternative-content entertainment options, such as live events and sports, and video games on the big screen.

New Christie CP2208

With the flexibility to project 9000 lumens for alternative content, the Christie® ​​CP2208 is the brightest in class complete projection solution perfect for screens up to 35 feet. Combined with the premium audio and visual playback capabilities of Christie SKA-3D, release the full playback potential of your digital cinema investments.

Christie SKA-3D

Access a world of audio and video content with the Christie SKA-3D - the Swiss army knife of cinema processors. This processor connects digital cinema projectors to the widest possible range of 3D alternative-content feeds available in a single product - and does it at a reasonable price. Combining powerful audio and visual processing, the Christie SKA-3D makes alternative content look and sound as spectacular as feature presentations.

By extracting the very latest, high-quality lossless audio from HDMI signals and integrating them into your cinema audio system, you can transform your theater into much more than just a place to watch movies. Generate more revenue by expanding your exhibition offering, and eliminate costs spent on multiple audiovisual processing units.