Digital cinema projectors

​​​​​​Entrust feature film and alternative content to the industry’s preferred cinema solutions provider. Our successful implementations of more than 60,000 installations around the world and over 10 million screenings give us a unique wealth of knowledge and experience. As the industry evolves, we are committed to ongoing innovation to meet the changing requirements of filmmakers, production houses and exhibitors, as well as audience demands for epic cinematic experiences.

Christie CineLife Series

The Christie® CineLife Series is the most advanced lineup of cinema projectors available. Featuring the all-new UX-designed CineLife electronics platform, these DCI-compliant projectors enable the flawless delivery of brilliant cinematic experiences.

Projector Name Resolution Maximum Screen Size
Christie CP2308S2KUp to 35' (10.5m)
Christie CP2309-RGB​2K​Up to  35' (10.​5m)
Christie CP2315-RGB​2K​Up to  50' (15m)
Christie CP2320-RGB​​2K​​Up to 70' (21.3m)
Christie CP4330​-RGB4KUp to 70' (21.3m)

Included in the CineLife Series is our first projector featuring Christie RealLaser illumination. This RGB pure laser light source is engineered to take full-advantage of the latest innovations in laser technology. Achieving breakthroughs in image performance, operational lifetime and cost of ownership, Christie CineLife Series is helping exhibitors raise the expectations of what a night out at the movies can really be.

RealLaser. Real smart.

What sets Christie RealLaser apart from the rest? We’ve taken everything we learned from being the preeminent manufacturer of RGB pure laser illuminated projectors and coupled it with the latest innovations in laser devices. The result is an incredibly efficient, performance-driven light source that drastically out-performs any other cinema illumination platform. What’s more, the long, stable operational life of Christie RealLaser powered projectors means they provide the lowest cost of ownership of any cinema projector in its class. Make bringing the art of exhibition to the next level a reality.

Christie Solaria Series

Christie® Solaria Series of DCI-compliant, DLP® cinema projectors meet exhibition and post production studios’ demands for 2D and 3D presentations, showing feature film and alternative content the way filmmakers intended. Available with Christie High Frame Rate (HFR) technology, Christie digital cinema projectors offer choice in frame rate, brightness and resolution, and deliver value with reliability and low total cost of ownership.

Projector Name Resolution Maximum Screen Size
Christie CP22152KUp to 50' (15m)
Christie CP22202K, upgradable to 4KUp to 70' (21.3m)
Christie CP22302K, upgradable to 4KUp to 100' (30.5m)
Christie CP42204KUp to 70' (21.3m)
Christie CP42304KUp to 105' (32m)
Christie Duo4KUp to 105' (32m)

​Christie CP2308

The Christie CP2308 is the first in our line-up of Series 3 cinema projectors to utilize the new Christie CineLife electronics. Featuring a streamlined UX-inspired interface, CineLife simplifies the playback, scheduling and management of cinema content. Powered by Xenon illumination, the Christie CP2308 provides better image performance at an overall lower total cost of ownership when compared to laser phosphor cinema projectors.

A premium cinema experience powered by Christie Duo

Christie Duo Immersive and affordable

Christie Duo is a dual–projection integration kit, giving exhibitors the ability to create and deliver their own, branded premium theater experience.

When you’re ready, your cinema projector is ready for 4K

Christie CP2220 and CP2230 were designed from the start to be fully upgradable to 4K technology. As a result Christie’s 4K upgrade path is the fastest and most cost effective in the industry.