Christie had been selected as Cinéville's main supplier to support its digital rollout plan and gradually equip the group and its cinemas. Funding for Cinéville's gradual switchover is based on an agreement signed in March 2009 with Ymagis, a third-party facilitator using a virtual print fee (VPF) model as part of its European deployment plan.
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3D Digital Cinema

DLP Cinema technology is the only cinema display technology that can project 3D images at a very fast frame rate and does so with greater pixel resolution than any other solution on the market today.

Digital cinema technology has caused a definite resurgence in the popularity of 3D digital cinema. The latest incarnation of 3D digital cinema technology represents a significant advancement over past systems.

In order to project in 3D, in such a way that viewers do not suffer from any discomfort, the digital cinema projector “flashes” each frame for each eye, three times as fast as with conventional projection.
This tripling of the frame rate (from 48fps to 144fps) smoothes the projection, and gives the best motion rendition possible.

With the introduction of the Christie® Solaria® One complete projection solution, now screens up to 35 feet can deliver 3D presentations with higher brightness, by easily stacking the projectors for dual-projection.

Now, with the extremely high switching speed and light output capability of Christie DLP Cinema® projectors, audiences are transported directly into the story with a totally immersive experience. And without the headaches of traditional 3D.

A premium cinema experience for everyone, powered by Christie Duo Solution
Christie Duo is a dual-projection integration kit. With it, you can generate twice the projected brightness for sharper, superior 2D and 3D images. But you get none of the high cost or hassle that comes with current industry ‘big screen’ premium solutions.

The Christie Duo integration kit can be purchased with either 2K or 4K Christie Solaria® Series digital cinema projectors or as a standalone integration kit for Christie customers who already have Christie projectors — the world’s best-selling DCI-compliant digital cinema projectors with more than 36,000 shipped and installed to date.

“Now any exhibitor can deliver the brightest 2K or 4K movie experience in 2D or 3D on the largest screens. We’re excited to give exhibitors a solution to help them further leverage and market their own premium brand to today’s sophisticated movie-going audiences.” said Don Shaw, director, Product Management.

Early adopters of Christie Duo include Hoyts Corporation who has leveraged Christie Duo to build their own premium branded theater experience, Grupo Araújo de Cinemas in Brazil and ArcLight Cinemas in the United States, which recently installed the solution at several ArcLight Cinemas, including the historic Cinerama Dome in Hollywood.

James Cameron Chooses Christie to Demonstrate Next Evolution Cinema Technology at CinemaCon 2011

Kathryn Cress, Christie Vice President Marketing, James Cameron; George Scheckel, Christie Director of Business Development; Craig Sholder, Christie Vice President of Entertainment Solutions.

“Our collective vision at Lightstorm is to continually push the bounds of technology to deliver a movie environment that makes cinema patrons feel that they are completely immersed in the locales, sight, sounds and world that the movie is conveying,” said Cameron. “We chose the leader in digital cinema projection technology, to assist us in demonstrating our groundbreaking vision at CinemaCon 2011 because we know Christie for its mission critical reliability, brightness capabilities, and superior performance and support worldwide.”