Higher Frame Rates

The future of cinema is smooth, crisp and amazing. Christie is leading the industry in developing higher frame rate (HFR) technology. With the NEW Christie Previsto™ solution, we’re making it easy for exhibitors to take full advantage of the HFR evolution that’s now emerging in digital cinema.
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High Frame Rates

The future of cinema is smooth, crisp and amazing.

High frame rate (HFR) movies record and play visuals at twice the rate or higher of what’s seen in today’s cinemas. As a result, viewers see less flicker, motion blur and stuttered movement. The improvements to 3D movies are dramatic - creating ultra-realistic movie going experiences.

HFR filming supports a wider range of camera moves and captures and displays sporting events, live events and dance better than ever before.

What HFR digital cinema projection offers exhibitors

  • Completely immersive 3D 
    Wow your audiences and make your theater stand out from the competition with amazing 3D.

  • Picture-perfect images 
    With no flicker, motion blur and stuttering. Your audiences will notice the crisp and life-like realism of HFR cinema.

  • More alternative content 
    ith an HFR-upgraded cinema projector you can show premium sporting events, live events and dance. 

Higher frame rates 

Christie’s HFR digital cinema solutions

Christie’s Solaria Series digital cinema projectors can be upgraded to show feature film and alternative content released at 48 or 60 frames per second (i.e. a high frame rate), by adding these technologies:

  • Christie Previsto™ high frame rate technology
    Christie’s Solaria 2.2 software runs Christie Previsto HFR technology on our Solaria digital cinema projectors. All new Christie Solaria projectors have the Solaria 2.2 software. Existing Series 2 Solaria projectors can be easily upgraded with the free Solaria 2.2 software download.

  • Integrated Media Block
    Christie’s integrated media block, the Christie IMB-S2, is added to Solaria Series projectors and provides full 2K HFR 2D and 3D support for feature film content. 

High frame rate technology is the next big shift

High frame rate technology gives directors and cinematographers a new medium for storytelling. The wider range of camera moves that HFR supports will give filmmakers an enhanced creative freedom and give them a new, powerful ability to capture and display sporting events, theater and dance.

Some of the biggest movies – a pair of “Lord of the Rings” prequels and “Avatar’s” sequels – will use 3D HFR.

“Avatar” director, James C​ameron, Park Road Post Production and Weta Digital, are  working  with Christie in leading the global research and development needed to get the movie industry – from the film set to the local movieplex - ready for this big shift.

For the cinema business, adopting HFR projection will mean more satisfied customers, more filled seats, and a better bottom line.


“If watching a 3D movie is like looking through a window, then [with HFR] we’ve taken the glass out of the window and we’re staring at reality.”

“Avatar” director, James Cameron, on high frame rate movies


James Cameron Higher Frame Rates 

Taking the next step

For more information about HFR technology, download our HFR technology overview for exhibitors or contact a Christie sales​ manager today.


High frame rate technology overview for exhibitors

High frame rates are the new buzz in exhibition. Download our technology overview to understand the technology and what it will mean for your business.