Christie Vive Audio

Complete the experience.

As the industry-wide conversion to digital cinema nears completion, audio represents an opportunity to complete the immersive movie going experience by enveloping audiences in premium cinema sound. That’s why we’re introducing Christie Vive Audio™ – a complete cinema audio solution capable of bringing immersive cinema sound to any auditorium.

Designed to realize the potential of leading digital cinema audio formats, Christie Vive Audio extends the boundaries of movie exhibition by matching the awe-inspiring visuals Christie is known for, with truly rich, dynamic and detailed sound.

The complete cinema audio solution
Combining the superior sound qualities of ribbon driver technology with the proven high-quality performance of a line array speaker design – matched with powerful Class D amplification –  Christie Vive Audio is the ideal solution for the accurate reproduction of today’s digital cinema audio formats. Designed as a complete solution, each component of Christie Vive Audio has been specifically engineered to complement the other.

Supporting all formats

Christie Vive Audio’s expansive line of cinema-specific audio technologies are designed to support any of the leading cinema audio formats including: Dolby Atmos, 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound and Auro 11.1.   

A solution for any cinema space

We can work with you to map out an audio solution that specifically addresses the needs of your auditorium. Through expert advice from Christie, or working alongside our extensive network of partners, determining the Christie Vive Audio solution that best meets your needs is easy.  

Christie products are also backed by industry-leading warranties and technical support.
Taking the next step

Christie Vive Audio solutions are available through a network of authorized dealers and partners. Contact us or your nearest dealer today to get started.