Kino Hawkhurst

One of the oldest, and most unique buildings in the UK has become the country’s first community cinema to take an all-digital approach — thanks to equity funding from two DTI schemes and membership of the UK Film Council’s Digital Screen Network.
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Digital cinema

Christie digital cinema solutions for a new generation of digital cinema.

Explore the many opportunities that Digital Cinema has to offer…
…Whether you’re looking for the best image quality available for feature films and 3D, alternative content options such as live NFL football on the big screen, or a digital projector for post production - digital cinema opens up exciting opportunities for exhibition. With projection solutions designed so exhibitors of every size can make the move to digital, Christie® is your partner in digital conversion.

Now more than ever, studios and exhibitors from around the world are benefitting from the many business opportunities that digital cinema has to offer. And audiences are enjoying the best possible cinematic experience with amazing image quality and 3D movies made possible by digital cinema.

Most comprehensive exhibitor expertise for digital cinema

We are proud to have the most comprehensive exhibitor expertise for digital cinema. With over 36,000 digital cinema projectors installed world wide, Christie’s DLP Cinema® solutions have been tested and proven with the most installations worldwide and an unmatched 99.999% reliability rating.

Christie's commitment to our global customers is demonstrated with our understanding of the cinema business. By providing total theatre solutions designed to increase opportunities and support business, now and in the future – whether Digital Cinema® projection or new sources of revenue such as on-screen advertising, in-lobby displays and alternative content. With installation flexibility, networking connectivity and the ability to customize your display solution to meet every application need, Christie continues to provide products that increase the value of your business. And Christie's expertise in the cinema industry is something to count on. If it's cinema, it's got to be Christie.