Screenvision sells advertising space to UGC and CGR cinemas, as well as several other networks and independent cinemas. With more than 1400 screens across France, the space broker’s job is to ensure that its clients’ ads get seen by cinema audiences (its clients being advertisers, media agencies and film distributors).
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Why Digital Cinema?

With affordable projection solutions for exhibitors of every size, join the digital cinema revolution.

Digital cinema is taking movies and the theater experience to new and exciting levels, both with the incredible images the digital cinema projectors can deliver and the creativity that the new tools allow. Digital cinema is no longer an option; it is a strategic imperative for your business.

Digital cinema projection provides endless possibilities for attracting moviegoing audiences. Make your move with the leaders in digital cinema and capture the magic of enhanced movie theater experiences – with 3D, high frame rate releases, features and live broadcasts of sports and concerts. Christie has affordable digital cinema solutions specifically designed for multiplexes and single-screen theaters.

Digital cinema enables:

  1. The best picture quality available
  2. A wider selection of alternative programming choices including gaming, sporting events, live events, music concerts and the ability to play all of these in 3D
  3. The increasingly important ability to display spectacular 3D productions
  4. New ways for exhibition to share, present, communicate, socialize, and build social engagement in the community
  5. The transformation of cinema into the ultimate destination for out-of-home entertainment


Jon Landau Interview

“The film business is here to stay...Especially with today’s technology and what you are able to get in the cinema with digital projection. It puts the audience into the world of the film." ... Read more