Harry Potter Premiere

The French Premier of the final installment of the Harry Potter series was a historic event. Chosen by big-format 3D projection specialist 2Avi, and by Warner Bros, Christie helped make the world record possible.
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What is Digital Cinema?

With the introduction of digital cinema technology, exhibitors are taking their audiences into the 21st century with ‘eye popping’ image quality and cutting-edge entertainment options.

Replacing your 35 mm film projector with a new digital cinema projector is an upgrade for your theatre similar to replacing your cassette tapes with MP3s or CDs for your music collection.

  • Scratches, fading and jitter of film from repeat showings are a thing of the past, with the consistent picture brightness, razor sharp image quality, and vibrant colors of digital cinema projection.
  • Every presentation looks as if it is being presented for the first time on screen. The digital copy at the 1000th viewing is as good as the movie’s premiere with perfect reproduction of film, time and time again
  • And with the programming flexibility and advanced presentation options that digital cinema will allow, digital cinema can significantly expand a theatres potential revenue streams.
  • From spectacular 3D presentations to live sports broadcasts, leading exhibitors are capitalizing on the many benefits of digital cinema.

To help bring world-class entertainment to audiences everywhere, Christie supports exhibitors by offering the widest range of cost-effective digital solutions at the lowest cost of operation.

We pay special attention to the needs of the exhibition community; provide solutions that generate positive long-term revenue, and help you deliver the best cinematic experience possible.