Higher Frame Rates

The future of cinema is smooth, crisp and amazing. Christie is leading the industry in developing higher frame rate (HFR) technology. We’re making it easy for exhibitors to take full advantage of the HFR evolution that’s now emerging in digital cinema.
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High Frame Rate solutions

The future of cinema is sharp and smooth.

​High Frame Rate (HFR) movies play visuals at higher speeds so viewers see fewer motion artifacts, as well as less motion blur and stuttered movement on-screen. For 3D movies in particular, the results are dramatic and ultra-realistic.

HFR explained

Higher frame rates 

What you get with Christie HFR digital cinema projection

  • Completely immersive 3D - entice moviegoers with high-value, immersive cinema experiences that they can’t get at home
  • Picture-perfect images - With no flicker, motion blur and stuttering, your audiences will notice the crisp and life-like realism of HFR cinema
  • More alternative content - HFR-upgraded cinema projection enables you to show premium sporting events, live events and dance

For the cinema business, adopting HFR projection means increased audience satisfaction, more repeat patrons and a growing bottom line.

For directors and cinematographers, HFR technology offers a new medium for storytelling. The wider range of camera moves that HFR supports give filmmakers enhanced creative freedom.

“If watching a 3D movie is like looking through a window, then [with HFR] we’ve taken the glass out of the window and we’re staring at reality.”

“Avatar” director, James Cameron, on HFR movies

Christie’s HFR digital cinema solutions

Christie Solaria Series digital cinema projectors, with laser and Xenon-based illumination, can be upgraded to show feature film and alternative content released at 48 or 60 frames per second (i.e. a high frame rate), by adding Christie’s integrated media block. Christie IM​​B​, when added to Christie Solaria Series projectors, provides full 2K HFR 2D and 3D support for feature film content.

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For more information about HFR technology, download our HFR technology overview for exhibitors or contact a Christie dealer today.

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