Virtual Print Fee

Digital conversion is easy with the Christie Virtual Print Fee program

The cost and process of converting from film to digital can be a daunting one for independent exhibitors. With over 80 years of experience working with more than 26,000 exhibitors worldwide, Christie understands the business of cinema and the challenges of digital conversion.

The Christie Virtual Print Fee (VPF) program is specially designed to help exhibitors make the conversion in the simplest, most cost-effective and affordable way possible.

What is a Virtual Print Fee?

A Virtual Print Fee (VPF) is a financing mechanism for funding the purchase of digital cinema equipment. It is structured to cover the costs of converting to digital projection equipment through a fee that distributors pay for each booking over a set period of time. The idea behind a VPF is that the distributors save money by shipping digital, rather than 35mm film prints, and these savings are used to contribute to the cost of equipment for exhibitors.

Maintain control with the Christie Virtual Print Fee program

The Christie Virtual Print Fee program, built in collaboration with Hollywood studios and content distributors, was designed for independent exhibitors throughout the United States and Canada. With the Christie Virtual Print Fee program you have decision-making control over all aspects of your digital conversion. You can configure, finance, install and operate your projection systems based on your specific needs, while Christie manages VPF payment administration and provides optional, comprehensive service support and technical expertise through Christie Managed Services.

A range of options makes our Virtual Print Fee program unique

Optimize your system with the right combination of Christie lamps and projectors

  • Trying to decide which digital cinema projection system will best serve the needs of your business?  Christie makes your decision easy. If you want to maximize performance and reliability choose the perfect combination of Christie Xenolite® lamps, accessories and DCI compliant Christie Solaria™ Series digital projectors. You can expect our lamps to deliver high performance and 99.999% reliability, plus they’re backed by industry leading warranties for even more security. 

Leasing options

  • The Christie Virtual Print Fee program eliminates barriers for the cost-conscious, independent exhibitor trying to digitize.  It provides short-term leasing conditions that ensure the equipment will still have residual value at the end of the lease.  You can leverage that value to buy your Christie projectors outright, return them, or renew their lease for another year. You can also upgrade or return the equipment and lease a new projector from Christie.  It’s an unprecedented range of options that truly future-proofs your investments.

Christie Managed Services – Make your conversion worry-free

  • Trust the experts at Christie to show you just how easy it can be to convert your theatre to digital. The Christie VPF program can offer remote monitoring services via Christie’s Network Operations Center (NOC) for optimum, worry-free support. Services can be extended to meet all phases of your digital conversion process from product installation through to monitoring and supporting your digital projectors.

Get started easily

Our simple and comprehensive program will get you started in five easy steps:

Step 1: Review and discuss your plan with a Christie representative
Step 2: Sign the Exhibitor Agreement
Step 3: Finance and purchase your equipment
Step 4: Install your system
Step 5: Operate and maintain your digital cinema

Start benefiting from a return on your investment this blockbuster season!

Digital cinema projection provides endless possibilities for attracting moviegoing audiences. Make your move with the leaders in digital cinema and capture the magic of enhanced movie theater experiences – with 3D, high frame rate releases, features and live broadcasts of sports and concerts. Christie has affordable digital cinema solutions specifically designed for multiplexes and single-screen theaters.
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Christie’s VPF Program is a cost-effective, turnkey solution that’s supported by all major Hollywood studios.

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