Cinema solutions

Need the complete cinema experience? – Christie has it

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Going to see a movie in the theater is a social and cultural experience, providing entertainment for movie-goers of all ages. It’s taking kids to the theater for the first time, impressing your first date, having a group night out, the once-a-month date night, or a quiet evening out on your own. It’s viewing cinematic masterpieces where you can see and hear every detail the way filmmakers intended – and it’s the excitement in knowing this is unlike any experience at-home.

We focus on the technological innovations so you can focus on these moments for your patrons. Draw people in, tempt their palates and captivate their attention with industry-leading cinema solutions from Christie®.

By providing solutions designed to engage your customers and keep them coming back, Christie continues to provide solutions that increase the value of your business. We offer cin​ema projection and audio​, new sources of revenue such as on-screen advertising, as well as alternative content and lobby engagement.

Cinema Projection 

The main attraction of your theater is the big screen and Christie has the latest, cutting-edge cinema projection solutions, lamps, and accessories. Choose the solution that fits your theater’s unique requirements for:

  • 3D, high frame rates
  • The smallest auditoriums to giant screen cinemas
  • Resolution - HD to 4K resolution
  • Illumination options including Xenon, laser phosphor and RGB laser
  • Brightness ranging from 9,000-60,000 lumens
  • Accessories including web-based automation, integrated media block and theater management
Cinema Audio 

Rich sound is critical for supporting high-quality visuals to deliver a truly immersive cinema experience. Find out how Christie Vive Audio not only complements, but also adds value by making every seat in the house the best seat.

Cinema Lobbies 

Christie has what you need to create exciting and engaging lobby experiences to entice your patrons with innovative display technologies for digital menu boards​, box office displays​ and advertising.

Cinema Services 

From concept to completion and beyond, Christie Global Services will help you design, deploy and support your theater. Let Christie Global Services monitor and manage your lobby displays, projection systems and regular maintenance, and respond to emergency situations – no matter the size or complexity of your infrastructure.


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