Christie had been selected as Cinéville's main supplier to support its digital rollout plan and gradually equip the group and its cinemas. Funding for Cinéville's gradual switchover is based on an agreement signed in March 2009 with Ymagis, a third-party facilitator using a virtual print fee (VPF) model as part of its European deployment plan.
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Cinerama shines bright with Christie 6P laser projector

Charged with pushing the boundaries of cinematic experiences, the Seattle Cinerama Theatre is the world's first location of a commercial 4K 3D laser projection system and boasts the most advanced projection system currently available.

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Oslo Colosseum switch to Christe Solaria 4K 

Oslo Colosseum switch to Christie Solaria 4K

Norway's largest cinema company, Oslo Kinodrift AS, has radically upgraded the technology in its flagship Colosseum Kino — becoming the first exhibitor in the Nordic countries to install the new Christie Duo dual-projection integration kit.

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Quantel backs Christie CP4220 

Quantel backs Christie CP4220

Based in Newbury, Berkshire, the company’s cinema has existed as a research and demonstration facility for half of that time, providing a facility to develop, test and demonstrate its capability to produce world-leading content creation systems for broadcast, post production and Digital Intermediate (DI).

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