Christie had been selected as Cinéville's main supplier to support its digital rollout plan and gradually equip the group and its cinemas. Funding for Cinéville's gradual switchover is based on an agreement signed in March 2009 with Ymagis, a third-party facilitator using a virtual print fee (VPF) model as part of its European deployment plan.
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Brightness & Performance

Christie’s DLP Cinema® projectors continue to set the standards for 3D presentations in both resolution and brightness with Christie Brilliant3D – the industry’s first technological breakthrough for 3D.

It’s all about the light!  The maximum amount of light output on the screen is one of the most important elements for great picture quality. And it’s what makes for a spectacular 3D movie experience.

Brilliant3D technology for a spectacular 3D  experience

The Christie Solaria Series digital cinema projectors with Brilliant3D (full 2K resolution triple flash) technology utilize the entire reflective surface of the DMD chip from Texas Instruments (TI), enabling 3D content to be projected in full 2K resolution. The 2K resolution delivered by Christie Brilliant3D technology boosts projector performance so that audiences see a clearer, more realistic 3D picture. With 33% more light on the screen than any other projection system on the market today –Christie is taking 3D to new levels. The Christie Solaria Series is available in a wide range of resolution and brightness levels for exhibitors who require projection for the smallest to the largest screens.

Included in the Christie Solaria series are the Christie CP2210, Christie CP2220 and the Christie CP2230.