Rex Cinema

One of the hidden gems in the heart of Soho, Rex Cinema + Bar combines a 1930’s-style art nouveau lounge and members-only nightclub with a state of-the-art, 75-seat private screening room. The cinema needs to be fully equipped for the most demanding of presentations — ranging from the screening of movie classics to advanced previews of soon-to-be-released blockbusters for private clients.
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Image Quality

Achieve unsurpassed and stunning digital cinema image quality with Christie digital cinema projectors

All Christie digital cinema projectors use DLP Cinema® technology for a truly unsurpassed image quality. DLP® Cinema technology projects crystal clear, razor-sharp and lifelike images for the ultimate in picture quality. DLP® Cinema technology delivers a true digital picture with incredible clarity and vibrant colors every show.

See the movie in its original pristine condition

With digital cinema technology, there is no more color fading, jump and weave, scratching and dirt accumulation which are common problems that plague traditional 35 mm film projectors. DLP® Cinema offers a consistent image with no degradation over time. With DLP® technology, moviegoers can see a movie in its original pristine condition, exactly the way the director intended it, whether they see it during the first or fifth week of the run.

Over 35 trillion colors for unsurpassed image quality

Combine the benefits of DLP® Cinema technology with the advanced optics developed by Christie engineers and Christie's digital cinema projectors delivers lifelike images with over 35 trillion colors for unsurpassed cinema image quality.