Christie Digital Cinema Projectors Screen 2010 Soccer Matches in 3D

Posted 6/22/2010

Christie®, the leader in digital cinema projection technologies, is pleased to announce that Digital Cinema Korea (DCK), the joint-venture company of CJ CGV and Lotte Cinema in South Korea, will deploy 110 screens to show the prestigious 2010 soccer matches in Africa in 3D using Christie CP2000 Series and Christie Solaria™ Series 2 digital cinema projectors.

“With the Christie Solaria Series’ ability to accommodate upgrades and their suitability for screens up to 100 feet, they fit exactly what we require to screen the soccer matches in 3D. It will certainly lure fans away from their televisions at home and they will be thrilled at the realistic 3D experience as they enjoy the excitement of the two games at our digital cinemas,” announced Hee-Seong Oh, Director of Marketing, Lotte Cinema.

To read more about how Christie digital cinema projectors are being used by DCK, read the full press release here.