Christie Enlists Virtual Print Fee Program To Support Independent Studios' Films Distributed in North America

Most Recent Agreement Enabled Relativity Media’s Immortals to Reach Larger Audience Since Its Debut
Posted 12/1/2011

Christie - for digital cinema projectors

Christie® recently announced a single-release agreement with Relativity Media to manage the Virtual Print Fee (VPF) program for the distribution of its visually stunning 3D epic adventure, Immortals, which has earned approximately $160 million worldwide since it debuted on November 11.

“In August, with support from all the major Hollywood studios, we introduced the new Christie VPF program to incent exhibitors to convert from film to digital in the most cost-effective and seamless manner,” said Craig Sholder, vice president, Entertainment Solutions, Christie. “Since then we have signed up hundreds of screens for our program, and inked agreements with many independent distributors, including Relativity Media, to ensure that the ‘indie community’ is not locked out of the benefits resulting from the conversion of theaters from film to digital technology.”

“The Christie VPF reduces our distribution and shipping costs, simplifies our digital-conversion fee collection and ensures that a larger audience will be able to enjoy a wide range of films,” said Relativity’s President, Worldwide Distribution, Kyle Davies. “We’re pleased to be partnering with Christie on the release of our highly-anticipated action adventure –Immortals.”
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