Christie Enters Into a Three-Year Strategic Alliance With Shanghai Film Group to Promote Digital Cinema in China

Posted 6/19/2012

Christie®, a global leader in digital cinema projection, announced today that it has established a long-term strategic alliance with Shanghai Film Group (SFG), a leading film company in China, to promote the digitalization and industrialization of the film industry in China for the next three years.

The alliance will cover more than 200 digital cinemas under Shanghai United Circuit, a subsidiary of the Shanghai Film Group, using 750 of Christie’s powerful digital cinema projectors. Xiaojun Wang, vice president, Shanghai Film Group, says, “Digital cinema is rapidly replacing the traditional 35mm film. With the evolving digital cinema technology, we need to position our chain of cinemas at the forefront of technological advancement, constantly upgrading our technological offering to reach out to the cinema market. The decision to enter into a strategic alliance with Christie is imperative to the development of our company. It has an even far-reaching effect to the future of the Chinese film industry as it closely monitors the actual needs of the development of Chinese films to be in line with the development of international film digitalization.”

To learn more, read the full press release.