Christie Strengthens Ties With Shanghai Film Group to Accelerate Growth in China Cinema Industry

Posted 8/22/2013
​​Since its first entry into China in 2002, Christie®, the global leader in digital cinema, has dedicated itself to offering the most updated digital cinema technology, solutions and technical services to contribute to the growth of the local cinema industry. In the last few years, it has reinforced this further by embarking on a series of collaborative efforts with Shanghai Film Group (SFG) to accelerate the digitalization and industrialization of the cinema industry in China.
In June 2012, Christie established a long-term strategic alliance with Shanghai Film Group (SFG), a leading film company in China. The scope of the three-year alliance covers the digitalization of Chinese cinema, application and presentation of new technologies, joint development of new products, joint exploration of the market of digital cinema and exhibitions. It also includes the digitalization of more than 200 cinemas under Shanghai United Circuit, a subsidiary of the Shanghai Film Group, using 900 of Christie’s powerful Digital Cinema projectors, Theater Management System, and establishing a network operation center (NOC) to help SFG in the seamless management of its chain of cinemas. By maintaining a close contact and long-term technical exchange through visits, educational seminars and training sessions, the collaboration strives to keep SFG on par with the global development of cinema technology.