Higher calling: Christie takes China and frame rates to the next level

Posted 12/1/2011

High Frame Rates

“Christie recognized a number of years ago that China was in a perfect position to move very rapidly from analog 35mm to digital,” notes Jack Kline of Christie Digital Systems USA ( As president and chief operating officer of the global visual technologies company, he can add with authority that the People’s Republic is “probably better positioned than any other country in the world because China needed to refresh their technology. And the government was very much behind any conversion that was going to take place because it would allow them to transmit their message much more easily. We have been working with all the key players both at the government and exhibition levels, and at the technology level,” he assures. “We really took it seriously.”

Film Journal International had the good fortune to catch Kline at the tail end of a busy two-week business trip to Asia, calling in from Beijing. “I was in Japan for corporate meetings with our parent company Ushio,” he notes. “Here in China, we have the first board meeting of our new joint venture.” With all the activity across the region, we asked Kline to refresh our memory. “It hasn’t been announced yet,” he teases. “But it will be very, very exciting and includes some key people over here who are the real movers and shakers.” ... Learn more