Posted 2/16/2011

Christie projects brilliantly on the world’s largest screen in Seoul

CGV, a subsidiary of CJ Group, South Korea’s largest multiplex cinema chain founded in 1996, opened its first multiplex cinema in Seoul in 1998. They currently operate 564 screens at 70 sites nationwide, and opened their most exciting complex, the CGV Young-Deong-Po in Seoul in the winter of 2009.

The CGV complex features the Starium theatre, a deluxe auditorium equipped with a giant screen, alongside an Art Hall and Gastro Pub. They installed state-of-the art digital projectors, a powerful sound system and special seats to re-invent movie-going in South Korea. The Starium screen is 43 feet by 103 feet (13m x 31.38m) — about the size of a basketball court — which makes it the largest in the world.

To learn more about this one of a kind installation, read the full case study.