Christie Cinema Products

Ease of Operation

Christie’s Solaria series digital cinema projectors are easy to use and easy to maintain.

Keeping a Christie digital cinema projector operating couldn’t be easier with our new Solaria series and its improved user interface. By improving our popular Touch Panel Controller platform and incorporating it on all of our new cinema projectors, the Christie digital cinema projectors offers operators an intuitive, simple to use interface. With new remote diagnostic and operational capabilities, any PC on the network can be used to control any projector either locally or from afar.

Built-in diagnostics

The digital cinema projector’s built-in diagnostics allow a user to see the projector status at-a-glance from anywhere in the projector booth or via a remote user interface. With three bright LEDs on the back of the projector it’s easy to see the health status of your Solaria projector.

Modular design

A new modular design for all Christie digital cinema projectors make it easy for you to swap and access any component you need quickly – we’ve incorporated quick disconnects, captive screws and easy access all internal compartments to allow swift diagnostic and repair of any major component.

Also improved for the Solaria series our new electronics and software improve the reliability and uptime of Solaria projectors and an increased bandwidth allows for faster projector start up times.