Product Training

Solaria One and IMB Training

Solaria One and Christie IMB training covers basic operation to advanced installations

Location: Cypress, CA, USA

Date: 12/6/2015 to 12/10/2015

This in-depth Christie D-Cinema technical training program covers everything from basic operation to advanced installations to diagnostics and repair.  In-class activities include disassembly/reassembly, installing and operating Solaria One, adjustment and calibration of Solaria One projectors and software upgrade.

The Christie IMB portion of the training includes an introduction to IMB components, explanation of the Christie IMB communication with the PIB, linking the Christie IMB User's Interface to the TPC user's interface, configuring Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Direct Attached Storage (DAS), ingesting content and KDMs, adding licenses, building a playlist and adding automation cues/macros. 


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