With a customer-centric approach to providing application-specific visual displays, Christie has a long history of delivering high-quality, reliable solutions and unprecedented levels of customer service and support worldwide.

Here is what our customers say about us:

“The [Christie] MicroTiles®  fit the bill perfectly. They are high resolution, they fit the space perfectly, they are such a modular object that we could create something unexpected that a normal, traditional display couldn’t give us,”

- Michael J. Kern, vice president, special events, The Walt Disney Company

Disney a​nd Barneys wanted to create a visually stunning window display unlike any other and the Christie® MicroTiles® – with their high resolution, shallow depth, virtually seamless canvas and true-to-life image quality - made that possible. Utilizing 565 square feet of Christie MicroTiles and 50 million pixels we are able to create a brilliant light and video show that will light up Madison Ave throughout the holidays.”

- Lylle Breier, SVP World Wide Special Events, Disney

“Since the atrium [at the London Stock Exchange] is an odd shape, flexibility was key to our decision to use Christie MicroTiles. We also needed a display that could be viewed up close and sufficiently reliable to be able to run 24/7, 365 days a year.”

- Adeel Saeed, Head of Corporate Technology Services, London Stock Exchange Group

“We wanted to animate and revitalize Fresh’s brand and core values to reflect an appreciation for tradition, storytelliing and innovation. We really love how Christie MicroTiles blend in perfectly with the architecture of the store and our products."

- Fresh founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg

“We're delighted that the NASCAR Hall of Fame is the first entertainment venue to feature Christie MicroTiles. It's our goal to deliver an interactive experience to each and every visitor, and our unique Christie MicroTiles billboard gives an authentic feel as soon as our guests enter the building. ”

- Winston Kelley, Executive Director, NASCAR Hall of Fame, Charlotte, North Carolina

 “This is one of the smartest decisions a company our size, with limited resources, can make. We don’t have the horse power within our ranks and we don’t have that technical expertise...now with Christie Managed Services, it’s a sense of peace of mind. There’s no comparison in my mind – no one can hold a candle to Christie with regards to service.” 

- Aubrey Stone, President, Georgia Theater Company

“We chose … Christie for its mission critical reliability, brightness capabilities, and superior performance and support worldwide.”

- James Cameron, Oscar®-winning filmmaker