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In a high-tech, digital environment, you’re only as good as your systems are reliable. This is a lesson well-learned by Brad Wardlow and his team at Rave Motion Pictures.
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Digital box office

Enhance customer service with instant access to movie trailers, show times and tickets.

Digital box office displays provide up-to-the-minute information about what’s playing, show times, ticket prices and seat availability. In the highly competitive cinema entertainment market, the better the customer experience, the more likely they will return. To enhance customer wait-time, movie theaters use their digital box office to promote upcoming movie titles, special offers and more, enticing patrons to plan their next visit.

What digital box office displays offer

  • Make purchasing movie tickets a fast, fun and easy experience.

  • Engage your audience while they’re waiting – advertise movie trailers, special offers and more to keep them engaged.

  • Set your theater apart from the competition with a premium visual and interactive experience.

Christie’s digital box office solutions

For theater owners looking to boost sales and create a superior customer experience, Christie’s range of digital box office solutions will meet your needs and budget.

  • Standard solutions
    Christie offers complete display solutions that fulfill all your digital box office requirements – from high-definition LCD flat-panel displays, LED tiles​ and mounting hardware, to an entire range of image processing and playback solutions. Images look sharp, offering the perfect complement to your cinema lobby.
  • Customized solutions
    Working alongside our national dealer network, Christie Managed Services will team up with you to design, build, deploy and support a customized digital box office display that’s right for you and within your budget.

Our team of consultants meet with you to understand the specific goals and budget of your digital box office system. Christie, along with its established digital signage partners, then provides design drawings that include suggested displays, mounting hardware, video, audio players and additional components such as interactivity if needed, for a fully integrated system. To ensure trouble-free operation and on-time installation, Christie builds and tests your digital box office as a complete system before deploying to your location. Once installed, our Managed Services will monitor your digital box office, ensuring it’s maintained and supported 24/7.  

Customized solutions

Working alongside our national dealer network, Christie comprehensive services team will work with you to design, deploy and support a customized digital signage solution that’s right for you and within your budget.

Product support

Christie products are backed by industry-leading training, warranties and technical support.

Taking the next step

Christie digital signage solutions are available through a worldwide n​etwork of authorized dealers, consultants and integrators.

Contact Christie for more information, to request a demonstration or request pricing, and get started today. ​​​