Retail digital signage

Fresh chose Christie MicroTiles for its digital signage solution at its flagship store in New York City’s Union Square, and for future renovations globally.
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Retail Spaces

When you only have a few seconds to engage a customer you to need ensure you make the most of your opportunity. Brilliant colour, crisp images and vivid video images provided by Christie are guaranteed to hold their attention while delivering your message.

​​​​​​Our solutions for retail signage meet the needs of high ambient light environments while delivering high quality images. With wide viewing angles, low maintanence and low cost of ownership you can get your message to you the masses with the most impact. 

With a footprint of only 10 x 16" (260 x 408mm), and weighing only 20lbs (9.4kg) you can stack Christie MicroTiles in any shape, in any size, in any retail space! Each tile contains color and brightness sensors, enabling the entire display to be continuously calibrated for uniformity. You never have to worry about your image quality degrading.

  • Talking color
    The colors are more true to life than anything you’ve ever seen and far surpass other digital display capabilities. Designed for color purity, MicroTiles enable you to see your brand the way it should be. Christie MicroTiles utilize a color gamut that is unrivalled by today’s technology. Your logo red – matched! If it’s a brown logo – you won’t have to settle for ‘close enough’. MicroTiles are your building block to brand integrity. Christie’s advanced optics create a truly stunning image, combining an ideal balance of high brightness, deep contrast and unparalleled color range ideal for demanding indoor, high ambient light environments.

  • Any viewpoint
    Your audience will consistently see what you want them to see, no matter where they’re situated. In front, up close, on an angle, your content always looks great. Improve dwell time, ensuring your audience gets the full impact of your message.

  • Resolution
    In this pixel powerhouse, you get 70x more pixels than the most popular 4mm surface-mount display LED panels. Your logo will never look blurred. Your art will always look flawless.

  • Easy set-up
    Weighing in at only 20lbs (9.4kg) these lightweight tiles lock together quickly and easily, your only limitation being your imagination. Create any conceivable shape in a snap.

  • Low operating cost
    Each tile is 100% front accessible, allowing you to repair or replace any serviceable component in less than 15 minutes, without having to turn off or bring down any of the other tiles. Imagine also, 65,000 hours before MicroTiles hit half brightness! With almost no downtime, your MicroTiles display delivers the kind of long life and reliability ideal for generating ad revenue. Built on proven LED and DLP technology Christie MicroTiles are built to last, maximizing your investment for years to come.

Display Solutions for:

  • Digital Signage
  • Product Displays
  • Retail
  • Shopping Concourse
  • Window Placements

Christie's broad range of products

Christie's broad range of products for retail digital signage will provide the impact you need to impress your audience. You can select from our wide range of products that are perfect for retail messaging including our ​3LCD, 1DLP® and 3DLP® projectors. Along with Christie® MicroTiles™, we have what you need no matter your application or budget.