Transportation signage

204 Christie MicroTiles captured the attention of Japanese commuters at the Shinjuku Station, Tokyo, with a dynamic presentation of Japan Cup, an internationally recognized premier horse race held in Japan. I prefer the image on the right.

Digital signage for transportation venues

Show them the way with digital signage.

Digital signage displays are the ideal medium for sharing vital travel information.  From displaying wayfinding, departure and arrival information to showcasing news and weather updates and advertising, digital signage provides an innovative display platform to engage and inform travelers.  

Empower travelers with digital signage displays  

  • Direct travelers and passengers to ticket booths, timetables, arrivals and departure information, ground transportation, parking, car rentals, restaurants, stores and special events.
  • Advertise restaurants, retail stores and cruise-ship shows and excursions.
  • Create a revenue stream by incorporating paid advertising in your digital display content.
  • Live stream up-to-the-minute transit information, news, weather alerts, live TV and sports.
  • Engage your audience with multi-touch, interactive content that lets them make their own selections and purchases.
  • Bring your venue’s design to life with an eye-catching digital display in almost any shape or size.
  • Increase accessibility by conforming to barrier-free guidelines.

Christie’s digital signage solutions for transportation venues

Explore the possibilities of communicating to your audience with:

Customized solutions

Working alongside our national dealer network, Christie comprehensive services team will work with you to design, deploy and support a customized digital signage solution that’s right for you and within your budget.

Product support

Christie® products are backed by industry-leading training, warranties and technical support.

Taking the next step

Christie digital signage solutions are available through a worldwide n​etwork of authorized dealers, consultants and integrators.

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