The top 5 benefits of optical bonding

If you're looking for digital signage for your business, school or meeting room, you want a high-quality solution with brilliant visuals, easy integration and a long life. But if your visual display will be subject to a demanding environment—an outdoor location, high-ambient light conditions, a high-traffic public space— or will be used in a touch screen interactive application, etc.—you need more. Investing in a professional-grade, optically-bonded LCD panel may be your ideal display solution.

With optical bonding, a protective cover glass is directly adhered to the LCD display with a thin, uniform layer of adhesive, effectively eliminating the air gap between the cover glass and display. This process increases optical clarity, protects the display from dust and moisture, reduces parallax issues, improves scratch and damage resistance, and is thin and lightweight.

Let's take a closer look...

Top 5 benefits of optically bonded cover glass on LCD displays

1 Increases optical clarity

2 Protects display from dust
and moisture

3 Reduces parallax issues

Optically bonding the cover glass to the display creates a single index of refraction, which eliminates internal reflection

Optically bonding the cover glass to the LCD display protects the display from dust and moisture

Optical bonding reduces parallax issues, where a gap between the cover glass and LCD display can create the illusion that pixels shift position depending on your line of sight

  • Helps ensure crisp detailed images and high brightness

Lowered surface reflection:

  • reduces internally reflected light loss
  • reduces glare
  • increases visual clarity

Reduced ambient light reflection:

  • increases perceived contrast ratio
  • increases the amount of usable light
  • enables display to be more readily seen, even in bright ambient conditions
  • Protects the display from moisture in humid environments because condensation can't form between the cover glass and the display
  • Protects the display from dust and air particles in environments where air quality is an issue
  • Increases the display's range of viewing angles
  • Delivers more precise touch alignment in touch-based interactive systems

4 Scratch and damage resistance

5 Thin and lightweight

Optically bonded cover glass acts as a protective layer for the LCD display

Optically bonded cover glass is thin & lightweight, compared to alternative treatments or standard soda-lime glass

  • Protects display from scratches, fluids, stains and dirt
  • Improves durability and damage resistance
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for custom protective enclosures or heavy soda-lime cover glass
  • Withstands use in high-traffic public environments
  • Lightweight cover glass reduces transportation and installation costs
  • No added depth to display design allows for easy integration
  • A lighter display simplifies installation and servicing

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