The History Colorado Center

The breathtaking majesty of the Rocky Mountains is featured at the History Colorado Center in Denver on a 134-unit Christie® MicroTiles® array designed to emulate the jagged peaks of the famous mountain range.
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Cost of Ownership

High-quality digital signage products providing the lowest total cost of ownership.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is determined by more than the initial purchase price. By evaluating implementation cost, plus all the other costs associated with operating or maintaining the display, a TCO analysis will reveal how much your digital signage display will really cost you over its lifetime.

Here are some elements to consider when performing a TCO analysis:

  1. Include the purchase price of the display structure and any electronic equipment.
  2. Are there built-in features that save you from having to purchase additional equipment?
  3. Are there consumables and how frequently do they need to be replaced?
  4. What are the power consumption and cooling requirements?
  5. How accessible are the serviceable components of your display? The greater the accessibility, the lower the downtime and service costs.

Christie invests in quality

At Christie®, we recognize that a long life span, reliability, ease of use and minimal maintenance are the major factors that influence cost of ownership. We put a great deal of time and resources into developing digital signage display solutions and products that provide the best possible performance and value.

We offer industry-leading warranties, services and support. You can choose different levels of support, including the option for remote mo​nitoring of your digital signage solution, which can detect and help you prevent possible costly problems before they ever occur​.

Christie’s LCD flat panels are designed for long life and energy efficiency

  • Christie FHD551-X 55” LCD panel
    • Energy Star qualified – its LED backlight has lower power consumption than a cold cathode fluorescent lamp backlight and the flat panel uses less than one watt of power in standby mode.
    •  24/7 operation – unlike other commodity LCD panels, the FHD551-X is a professional-grade flat-panel solution that supports around-the-clock operation.​

Getting started with your TCO analysis

Considering all the aspects and calculating the TCO of a customized digital signage display system might seem like an overwhelming task. Christie, alongside our national dealer and partner networks, helps you consider all the factors that influence the TCO and decide on a digital signage display that will save you money in the long run.