The History Colorado Center

The breathtaking majesty of the Rocky Mountains is featured at the History Colorado Center in Denver on a 134-unit Christie® MicroTiles® array designed to emulate the jagged peaks of the famous mountain range.
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Better displays, higher performance, greater reliability – it all starts with innovation.

At Christie®, we’re always making our digital display technology better – better displays, higher performance, greater reliability, more flexibility and easier operation. It all starts with innovation.

Innovation in digital signage solutions

Innovation is standard practice for Christie.

  • Now introducing Christie Velvet LED tiles – Simple. Easy. Brilliant

    Easy to install, operate and maintain, Christie Velvet™​ helps make your display wall vision a reality. Combining stunning image quality, efficient operation and long life with a modular design, Christie Velvet is a powerful platform for building display walls of almost any size or shape.

  • Christie MicroTiles – the ultimate digital canvas

    With tiny seams, practically no limit to the number of tiles in a display and the flexibility to create almost any size or shape, Christie® Micr​oTiles® are a completely new concept in tiled display walls. Using the strengths of both rear projection and LED technology, these modular, “video building blocks” offer substantially brighter images and a much wider color palette than conventional LCD and plasma displays. An array of Christie MicroTiles has an unlimited number of super-fine pixels and produces images that are crisp and clear at any angle, up close or at a distance.

  • Our LCD panels offer professional-grade performance at extremely low operating costs

    Christie’s indoor LCD flat-panels have narrow bezels and a super-slim chassis, making them ideal for tiled display walls. With their low power consumption, energy-efficient LED backlighting, high pixel density and a wide viewing angles, these LCD panels offer bright, high-definition image quality and a low cost of ownership.

    Christie’s WeatherAll Series FHD551- W outdoor LCD panel allows for countless new innovative opportunities to extend your reach. The fully weatherproof outdoor TV is impact and scratch resistant, includes an industry-rating (IP56/NEMA 4) and can be deployed in virtually any environment with complete peace of mind.

  • Our groundbreaking, interactive technology opens up new ways to engage your audience

    Our unique touchscreen interactivity solution can transform any rectangular, large-format display wall into a dynamic and responsive multitouch surface. This easy-to-use, field-installable kit is modular and scalable. No drivers are needed and no manual calibration of sensors or cameras is required. Now multiple users can interact simultaneously with the content on your digital display.

  • Christie JumpStart makes it easy to get creative with your digital signage display

    Arranging content in various shapes and resolutions on a large video wall isn’t expensive or difficult any more. Christie JumpStart is an innovative, easy-to-use, robust content management solution for 5-10 megapixel digital displays requiring up to four video inputs. With JumpStart, you don’t even need separate inputs to play back files or run applications.

Unparalleled service for customized digital signage solutions

Beyond our innovative technology – Christie works alongside our national dealer and partner networks to design, build and support a fully–integrated and customized technology agnostic digital display solution. With over 80 years in the display industry, Christie has the knowledge and experience to customize a digital display solution for any application or budget.​​​