Christie® visual display are pure and true-to-life, easy to use and maintain, and built for the long haul.

Christie MicroTiles

Christie’s advanced optics create a stunning image that combines an ideal balance of high brightness, deep contrast and unparalleled color range ideal for demanding indoor, high-ambient light environments. Because they can display 115 percent of the NTSC color scale, Christie MicroTiles® are unrivalled by any of today’s technology for color purity.

Lower power consumption, a long-lasting LED light engine, little downtime and ease of set-up and maintenance add up to an overall lower cost of ownership and a greater return on your investment.

Each tile is 100 percent front accessible, allowing you to repair or replace any serviceable component in less than 15 minutes, without having to turn off or bring down any of the other tiles. With almost no downtime, your Christie MicroTile display delivers the kind of long life and reliability you want and need.

Setting up and operating Christie MicroTiles is simple with Christie’s user-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI).  Once an array is assembled, the tiles communicate with each other to calibrate the image, color and brightness.
LCD flat panel features

The Christie FHD551-X flat panel is affordable compared to other high-resolution, virtually seamless, large-format displays. But that doesn’t mean it’s cheap on bright, sharp images. These LCD flat panels have high pixel density and a small pixel pitch – just 0.63 of a millimeter! – which means your images are sharp and clear at any distance.

You have the choice of configuring your Christie LCD flat panels to map in an array or to start up in sequence to avoid a power surge.

The LCD backlight has lower power consumption than a cold cathode fluorescent lamp backlight and uses less than one watt of power in standby mode, making Christie LCD flat panels Energy Star qualified.

Unparalleled service for turnkey digital signage solutions

Beyond our innovative technology – Christie also offers innovative services to provide complete and reliable digital signage solutions. With our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC)  Christie can remotely monitor your installation and report on maintenance requirements before you’re ever aware that there could be an issue. Our full service solutions include preventive services, onsite emergency response and critical spares replenishment programs for all your displays – it’s all uniquely Christie.

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