Christie MicroTiles debut on the Colbert Report

Creative Display Tiles Selected for Superior Color, Flexibility and Green Factor
Posted 8/25/2010

Millions of fans of The Colbert Report received a visual treat on the January 4th season premiere, when Stephen Colbert introduced the redesign of his new Red, White & Blue set featuring Christie® MicroTiles™

The breakthrough modular display technology debuted in a bolder-than-HiDef-way for Comedy Central’s most daring pundit.  The redesigned stage features 41 MicroTiles arranged as three horizontal displays, in 1x4, 1x5 and 1x4 arrays underneath Colbert’s desk; and four angled 1x7 vertical columns along the backdrop. The tiles display high definition video and graphics created exclusively for the show.

This marks the first installation of Christie MicroTiles since its launch on November 11th, 2009. “The best part about being the first show to use the Christie MicroTiles is that we are the first. We love being first,” notes Meredith Bennett Co-Executive Producer, The Colbert Report.

To learn more about this landmark installation, read the full Colbert Report case study here.