The Top 5 Benefits of Optical Bonding

Confidently display your message almost anywhere
Posted 6/1/2014

If you're looking for digital signage for your business, school or meeting room, you want a high-quality solution with brilliant visuals, easy integration and a long life. But if your visual display will be subject to a demanding environment—an outdoor location, high-ambient light conditions, a high-traffic public space— or will be used in a touch screen interactive application, etc.—you need more. Investing in a professional-grade, optically-bonded LCD panel may be your ideal display solution.

With optical bonding, a protective cover glass is directly adhered to the LCD display with a thin, uniform layer of adhesive, effectively eliminating the air gap between the cover glass and display. This process increases optical clarity, protects the display from dust and moisture, reduces parallax issues, improves scratch and damage resistance, and is thin and lightweight.

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