Christie MicroTiles Reinterpret Korean’s History Through Digital Art

Posted 9/24/2012

One hundred Christie® MicroTiles® are showcasing the digital art of Do Ho Suh, a renowned Korean installation artist, in the ‘Deoksugung Project’ from September 19 to October 28, 2012. Organized by the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the project is the latest exhibition to enliven National Museum of Art at Deoksugung – one of the preserved royal palaces – in Seoul.

Do Ho Suh chose Hamnyeongjeon, the bedchamber built for King Gojong in 1897, as the basis for his creation and portrayed three digital art pieces resembling the three boryo (Korean mattresses) prepared for the King every night. In depicting the King Gojong’s restlessness on a bed, the artist drew inspiration from the inner conflicts and anxieties that the king went through during a tumultuous power struggle. Each portrait features a 3-unit wide by 7-units high Christie MicroTiles installed on the wall while a mosaic display of 24 Christie MicroTiles illustrates the depth of the research and work undertaken by the artist. An additional four Christie MicroTiles installed in the corner of the four walls show an interview with the artist.

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