Image Quality

Superior image quality is the hallmark of Christie MicroTiles and our LCD panels.

Christie MicroTiles

Christie ® MicroTiles® let you capture your audience’s attention – your way, just as you envisioned it. Christie MicroTiles unite spectacular colors, superior image quality and modular flexibility like no other visual solution can.

When color matters

Christie MicroTiles have color reproduction capability that covers 115 percent of the NTSC color gamut and exceeds standard LCD flat panels by more than 50 percent. When you need a specific red, Christie MicroTiles deliver that red. Need a certain shade of green? That’s no longer a challenge. You get the picture… and so will your audience.

Higher resolution

Christie MicroTiles have 70x more pixels than the most popular 4mm surface-mount display LEDs. Your logo will never look blurred. Your art will always look flawless. Your geographic content will never be misleading. And your message will be seen.

LCD flat panel features

Compared to other high-resolution, nearly seamless, large-format displays, the Christie FHD551-X flat panel is affordable. But that doesn’t mean it’s cheap on bright, sharp images. These LCD flat panels have high-pixel density and a small-pixel pitch – just 0.63 of a millimeter! That means your images are sharp and clear at any distance.

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